HitBTC introducing deposit fees for bitcoin

European bitcoin and crypto trade HitBTC announced today that it will now begin to cost a deposit price for bitcoin transfers. The deposit expenses will be deducted from the quantity of the incoming BTC transaction and will constitute .0003 BTC.

The Bitcoin community has been experiencing hard instances in the last weeks. Due to seriously increased need and a massive variety of transactions through BTC community, a major quantity of transactions get stuck in waiting around in the mempool, with for a longer period processing time and unprecedented expenses.

Due to this, HitBTC will now cost this fixed price for all bitcoin deposits. The measure will improve all bitcoin transactions on HitBTC and supply stability in the functioning of the main cryptocurrency. It will assist facilitate processing of incoming transactions and retain the liquidity and protection of Bitcoin on HitBTC at a degree the staff deems ample for sleek trade operating.


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